Pepsi’s Ad, You Call it Fail It becomes Trend!

These days it’s hard to avoid #Pepsi and “wrong ad”, “epic fail” converations. It’s all about Pepsi, It’s all about Kendal Jenner. To be honest, as a person who studied Public Relations and Communications I believe this was a smart move from Pepsi.

Around the world wide web people argues how Kendal was a bad choice, the rich girl who protests. Seriously? On the other hand there are people who don’t bother and say it’s just an ad, a commercial for God sake. Whatever side you choose the trend is one. PEPSI. 

I hardly remember the last time Pepsi did so good job. I think it was the commercial with Pink, Britney Spears and Beyonce sing as gladiators. 

This time Pepsi chose wisely the person most people around the globe either hate or love. The person famous worldwide fashion designers hire. The person a vlogger, a blogger and more would not resist to talk about. Even if they had her just walk and drink, people would have something nice to say or full of hate. Instead they chose to pass a message through it.

The way I see this commercial frame by frame. It starts showing different people with different jobs and things to bother them or do, ethnicities (one of those persons, Kendal Jenner shooting) and a mass of protests. The only common thing till then, Pepsi. 

As long the protests approach them, they decide to stop. They motivate themselves to become one with the public. They start express themselves while protesting. No labels matter (even if you are a police officer) except one purpose accompanied by Pepsi. Everyone is the same while is so different at the same time.

Seems Pepsi might got inspired by so many famous personalities unite with community, protests against Trump. At that time there were no labels, no rich or famous they were rights to stand for. 

So, Pepsi hired one of the most popular models to do the job. Good or Bad? Only sales will tell. 

In conclution, I will rephrase a known quote. “I don’t care what you say about me, as long as you say something about me, and as long as you Hashtag my name right.” Pepsi has become a trend after the commercial was out and this is a fact.


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