The Vampire Diaries, Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!


Vampire Diaries made it to the end! I find a bit hard to understand why people talk about crying goodbye. It was more than a relief, a good for the characters goodbye.

Let’s be honest, #TVD had missed the expire date years ago. I am a fan and I loved it, bad boy #Damon was something else! However, somewhere between third and forth season it started to be so boring.

I didn’t stop watch the show, because I was curious where the story would go. I expected something intrigued to happen. The books gave so many potentials…

Till season #Elena – Sleeping beauty, every episode had a pattern, no ispiration. No flame. It was all about Elena.

After her curse we had a sparkle. We saw characters evovle in a way we hadn’t untill then. Sixth season was one of the best. Yet again we fell into loop. From all about Elena, it became more about Damon, who is about Elena.

The plot was on repeat. Both brothers fight to keep alive Elena at the time Bonnie always found herself close to death. People die, but they don’t die till they die. Even at crying finale, for some people, the plot on the loop was once again there, “I will Die, No I will Die” and of course Bonnie was there to do the actual saving as always.

I will miss some moments, from the beggining of this journey mostly, but I am happy to see the end. For me it was joyful tears for every character and the end of their journey! The show had done its circle and it was obvious, since the only epic thing on it was only in lines, as a word. 

And as they say, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!”


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