Better Late Than Never… in a Flash!

First of all, I have to admit I’m an Arrow fan. For unknown reason, I hate The Flash. I started it, when it first came on air, yet since I felt, from the first episode, it had to do with something about Flash coming from future, it made me feel bored and I stopped it.
All these before The Arrow series “forced” me to keep the balance of the story between two.
The past week, I restarted hardly to watch again The Flash. Definitely, it’s not as underground as The Arrow. The character seem less interesting, except Dr. Wells; he is the mystery and as it seems from the fourteenth episode I stop last night, he might be the reason why The Flash not only exists, but stepping back to the past. My prediction. That feeling from the very best beginning, worked right. Not to the detail, however it worked.
I could give The Flash the credit he is a bit more interesting, after the seventh episode. And obviously, He is not good enough as The Arrow, although it is better than Supergirl, even so sometimes I prefer to watch more Supergirl.
If I could, I would have avoided The Flash. Since, I cannot I’m embracing it. It’s not that bad and so ever has a lot of energy. How could it be different? It’s The Flash after all.


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