Fifty Shades of Grey Reason of Success!

I read so many things about Fifty Shades of Grey The Movie. Some were good, most of them were bad. Even Madonna expressed her opinion about it.

People is wondering why it has so big success and the answer, beside the magnificent marketing plan behind it; is very simple. Women don’t love just sex. They love McDreamy Mr.Grey.

A man who never felt love, neither when he had it, he never let the feeling consume him.

Anastasia is the princess of a modern fairytale. And fairytales always sale.

She made him want to change his lifestyle as much as it was possible for him nevertheless.

This is what women loved in this book and the movie of course. Women who didn’t care about the writing of the script and the montage or the direction details. How good or bad it was; because they were touched by the feelings it was presented.

A young inexperienced girl who managed to get through from this love challenge. She fought about what she wanted the most, though she was seeing how much she was changing too; and she got her happily ever after with a few kinky details, so it could be more spicy fairytale.

I’m spite of the supporters of these book series and the movie, there are lots of haters.

This is another big part of its success. Because a big portion of persons of the series has read the books or watched the movie only for a troll comment. The winner at the back of it is always the writer’s bill and the evolved parts of this success.

In conclusion, Fifty Shades of Grey is a profitable adult fairytale, who has conquered the market and as much haters gonna hate, seems like fans’ support wins.


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