image A Perfect Man

Hello tumblr world… I don’t know why but i decided to watch this movie, i had almost a year to see a romantic movie. Loved all the Amsterdam scenes. In Some point i thought i want to go there.

About the movie for sure we have to do with a perfect man with all the regardless of the unique positioning evil. Of course the heoroic betrayed wife who tried to discover things her husband hadn’t shared in with her. 

In a unique way we see how a relationship is beyond third eyes… and how a man can change even if sometimes it’s too late… This amazing song i think describes exactly what the movie describes #JOJO_TOO_LITTLE_TOO_LATE…  

All the mental variation of a woman who learnt about her husband’s vived site of life. Interesting approach and good movie; just watch it if you like all this romantic/dramatic movies!


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